Advanced Topics

This section covers detailed topics about the Anyline SDK Plugin on Cordova. You will not require knowledge about these advanced topics in your every day use of the SDK. However, in case you need specific information about certain topics in the Anyline SDK, it will be covered here.

Interference with other Plugins

When using many different plugins in Cordova, the chances are high that these plugins create interference amongst each other.

In this section, all known plugin interferences are listed, together with possible solutions.

Crosswalk Webview

The Crosswalk Webview Plugin in version 2.1.0 interfers with the Anyline SDK Cordova Plugin on Android < 4.2.

This is because the Crosswalk Plugin tries to load all native libraries upon starting the application, and fails to load ceratain libraries because the order is not considered.

This results in an error when trying to load in the Anyline SDK Plugin.


As we discovered, setting the flags for disabling extensions in the Crosswalk Plugin does not help.

Currently the only workaround for Android < 4.2 is to load the native libraries in the Android Activity.
To do so, please add the following code to the beginning of your Activity class

Load the native libraries
static {