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Here you will find the information about major and minor changes in the Release Notes for this release, and an Archive of previous Release Notes.

Release Notes for 6

Release Date 2018-12-07


Anyline ID

  • New properties have been added to ALIDResult scanResult
    1. issuingDate and
    2. issuingDateObject
  • If a passport from GBR, DNK, SWE, NLD, IRL, NOR, FRA, USA, D, MAR or AUT is scanned the issue date is scanned in parallel to the MRZ.
  • The issue date might be NULL for passports of countries from the list above in the following cases:
    1. The issue date is not visible in the cutout.
    2. The scanned issue date is not a valid date.
  • More information and the list of supported countries can be found here.


Anyline ID

Driving License
  • Improved classification of Austrian driving licenses
  • Improved detection of license categories (field 9)
  • General character detection improvements

Anyline General

  • Fixed an issue where the Cutout strokeColor alpha was overwritten by the alpha value of “cutoutConfig.feedbackStrokeColor”.

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