Overview & Advanced

The Anyline SDK is divided into different Modules, each representing a group of use cases of the Anyline SDK. The Modules were introduced to make it easier for you as a developer to used the SDK.

Using the Anyline SDK with the Modules is pretty easy and straight-forward. To get more information about each one of the Modules, simply pick one of the Modules below.

Get License Expiry Date

New in version 3.24.

The expiry date of a licenseKey can be checked with a static method and will be returned as a string or throw an error.

Simultaneous Barcode Scanning

Starting from SDK 3.8 Anyline supports parallel barcode scanning for every Module.

This means that barcode detection and scanning is performed on each frame that is being processed by the Anyline SDK. This feature is particularly useful for Energy, but can be used in any other Module as well.

The barcode result will be independent from the result of the actual scan, therefore the barcode result is also returned in a separate callback. This means you may get multiple or no barcode results, while performing the normal scanning.

You can also choose whether to scan for barcodes on the entire preview or just within the predefined cutout area.

For more information about the actual implementations on the specific platforms, please follow the links below:


As of version 3.27, the simultaneous barcode scanning is a feature in alpha stage