License Plate

New in version 3.17.

The License Plate Plugin can be used to scan license plates of different sizes and from different countries.

It includes license plate localisation, perspective transformation and scanning of the license plate number - including possible country information in an EU or similar badge.

This means that the license plate does not have to be exactly in the cutout, and angles of up to ~40° vertically and ~50° horizontally are possible for scanning.

This section describes the parameters in detail.
If you are looking for a How-To on loading the License Plate Plugin on your platform, please refer to the following sections:


A couple of different examples can be found at Anyline Demos and Samples: License Plate.

Scannable License Plate Information

Plate Number

The main result of the license plate scan is the license plate number.
The number is returned without any whitespaces or line-breaks.

Example Returned as Type
W ANY 1 WANY1 String


On license plates with an EU- (or similar) badge, the country code is returned if detected.

Example Returned as Type
A A String

Supported Countries & Plate Types

The following is a list of countries the License Plate Plugin was successfully tested on.
Other countries are supported as well, but were not tested extensively.

Country Badge Code One Line Plate front/back Two Line Plate
Austria A
Germany D
Czech Republic CZ
Slovakia SK
Hungary H
Italy I
Croatia HR
Poland PL
Netherlands NL


License plate support is currently limited to license plates with a width/height ratio of at least 1 and dark text on brighter background