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Here you will find the information about major and minor changes in the Release Notes for this release, and an Archive of previous Release Notes.

Release Notes for 7.0.0

Release Date 2019-01-21

Breaking Changes

Anyline React-Native

  • The parameters from the result of the ID Plugin ‘issuingDateObject’, ‘expirationDateObject’ and ‘dayOfBirthDateObject’ are adjusted on iOS, so they match Android.


Anyline General

  • Removed the 3rd party dependency ‘OpenSSL’

Anyline License Plate

  • Fixed an issue, where the separator for the result of 2-lined license plates was not set correctly.

Anyline ID

  • Fixed an issue, where the MRZ scanning would not scan passports with an issue date.
  • Fixed an issue, where the MRZ result string will not contain a seperator (‘<<’) between the first and the last name.
Driving License
  • Temporary Romanian license plates get scanned now, meaning red letters on plates with white background will be recognised.
  • Improved character detection

Anyline Examples

  • MRZ Date Objects will now be displayed timezone invariant.

Release Notes Archive

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