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Here you will find the information about major and minor changes in the Release Notes for this release, and an Archive of previous Release Notes.

Release Notes for 6.0

Release Date 2018-12-10


Anyline ID

  • New properties issuingDate has been added to Identification.
  • If a passport from GBR, DNK, SWE, NLD, IRL, NOR, FRA, USA, D, MAR or AUT is scanned the issue date is scanned in parallel to the MRZ.
  • The issue date might be NULL for passports of countries from the list above in the following cases:
    1. The issue date is not visible in the cutout.
    2. The scanned issue date is not a valid date.
  • More information and the list of supported countries can be found here.


Anyline ID

Driving License
  • Improved classification of Austrian driving licenses
  • Improved detection of license categories (field 9)
  • General character detection improvements


  • (Xamarin.iOS) Fixed an issue where the Cutout strokeColor alpha was overwritten by the alpha value of “cutoutConfig.feedbackStrokeColor”.

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