Welcome to the Anyline Android Developer Guide.

In this guide you will find all the necessary information to get your app up and running with the Anyline Android SDK.

You first way might lead you to the Getting Started page. Afterwards, a conceptual overview of plugins is discussed in Implementing the Anyline Plugin.

The Demos and Example Codes page contains example codes for a number of common use cases to get you started quickly.

Finally, Release Notes lists the improvements that comes with the latest release version (52.0.0), as well as those of previous versions.

If you are upgrading to Anyline 43.x.x and higher from an earlier version (42.x.x and lower) please consult Migrating to Anyline 43.0.0.

The legacy documentation for Anyline versions prior to 43 can be found here: https://documentation-legacy.anyline.com.