Japanese Landing Permission

Scan capability overview

The Anyline Japanese Landing Permission mode provides the functionality to scan the aforementioned document. Note that although the mode may be able to scan past versions of this sticker, the newest version (mountain and the flower in the background) is the targeted one.

Supported fields

The mode currently supports the scanning of the five latin fields located on the top half of the sticker. These are the "Date of permit", the "Until", the "Status", "Duration" and the airport (without label). Note that certain fields may be named differently in the scan result than their label in order to keep consistency with other scan modes. For the full list of supported data fields, see the table below.

Field Name Description


The field labelled as "Date of permit".


The field labelled as "Until".


The field labelled as "Status". May span two lines.


The field labelled as "Duration".


The field within the small black square. Has no label.

Plugin configuration and result

Plugin configuration

  • Find the PluginConfig parameters here.

Plugin result

  • Find the PluginResult parameters here.