Place Views Relative to Cutout

In order to add a view related to the size and/or position of the Anyline cutout view, implement the ALScanViewDelegate method scanView:updatedCutoutWithPluginID:frame:. This method is called each time the Anyline SDK updates the cutout view. In order to use this delegate, you have to subscribe to events in your scan view by setting a delegate:

scanView.delegate = self;

Then, you may use the frames provided by the following method as a way to say, position any UI guides displayed over the scan view:

- (void)scanView:(ALScanView *)scanView updatedCutoutWithPluginID:(NSString *)pluginID frame:(CGRect)frame {
    [self positionOverlayOnCutoutWithFrame:frame];

The pluginID parameter can be used to distinguish between children plugins cutouts in a running plugin composite. If a cutout is hidden, a CGRectZero value will passed by the frame.