All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

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[44.1.0] - 2023-03-28


  • Wrong position of the CameraView and Cutout when ScanView did not fill the whole device screen.

  • When cancelOnResult was set to true for a plugin of type ID, the ScanViewPlugin.resultReceived could be called more than once due to FaceDetection process.


  • [Tire] Validation regex is now configurable from pluginConfig

[44.0.0] - 2023-03-23

Breaking Changes

io.anyline.plugin.result.Barcode - results encoded in base64 are now automatically decoded and returned in the value() method. The isBase64() check function has been removed and a new method getBase64value() was added to return base64 encoded results.


  • New composite processing mode: parallelFirstScan which works like parallel but stops after the first result.

  • [Barcode] Added base64value to barcode object in the barcode result

  • [Tire] Added productionDate, tireAgeInYearsRoundedDown, resultPrettified to TIN result

  • [Tire] Added option to disable production date validation for TIN

  • [ID] Added the following layouts for american ID cards

    • US-CO_DVL_0_R421_F

    • US-NV_DVL_O_R421_F

    • US-NV_IDC_O_R421_F

    • US-OK_DVL_O_R421_F


  • [ID] Fixed a bug where the MRZ scanner would not recognize 'H' on mexican ID’s


  • [Barcode] The coordinates in the barcode result are now relative to the full image instead of the scanned region

  • [Tire] Improved the accuracy for TIN/DOT recognition & detection

  • [ID] Improved the performance for ID scanning

  • [ID] Improved the accuracy of Turkish IDs


  • [Barcode] Removed isBase64 from barcode object in the barcode result

[43.1.0] - 2023-02-20


  • New event ScanView.onCutoutChanged that notifies the client when the cutout changed

  • Support for full frame scanning

  • ID results also return face image, if one is available


  • Watermark is displayed in the corner when using composite plugins

  • Watermark is now correctly shown below the cutout when not using composite plugins

  • Feedback style animated_rect also supports center alignment for the cutout

  • Corrected wrong position of cutout for animated_rect

  • When reducing SDK size, the assets are now copied correctly to internal storage

[43.0.0] - 2023-02-03

Breaking Changes

This release introduces fundamental changes & improvements to how the Anyline SDK works. To upgrade from a prior SDK version to version 44.1.0, check out the migration guide.

Document Scanner Support Dropped

As of Anyline v43, the Document Scanner plugin has been removed and the feature will no longer be supported.


  • Added PluginResult for describing result data

    • Added a type of plugin result for each scanning capability

  • [Tire] Added tire size specification fields to the result

  • [Barcode] Added AAMVA parsing for PDF417 codes on driving licenses

  • [ID] Restructured ID results in a way that every field can contain date- & multi-language information


  • Changed the SDK architecture from one using inheritance & generics to a composition-based approach

    • Instead of distinctive subclasses such as MeterScanViewPlugin, IDScanViewPlugin, etc. the SDK offers an ScanViewPlugin class regardless of the scanning use case

  • Changed the structure of how scanning use-cases are constructed through JSON

  • Introduced configuration types for every scanning use-case with a corresponding result type


  • Because of the fundamental nature of changes, there are no deprecations to list for this version.