Scan capability overview

Example Meter

The Anyline Energy Plugin is capable of scanning Analog Electric-, Gas- and Water Meter readings. It is also possible to scan Bar- and QR-codes, which is useful for identifying meters, as well as the Serial Number. Common 7-segment Digital Meters and Heat Meters can also be scanned.

Auto Analog/Digital Meter

Automatically detects if the meter is an analog or digital meter.

Scans all types of analog meters (e.g. gas, electric, water meter) and automatically detects the number of digits before and after the decimal point, as well as 7-segment digital and dot matrix meters with at least 2 digits.

Dial Meter

Scans different types of dial meters supporting up to 1 decimal place (red dial).

Multi Field Digital Meter

This mode can be used to continuously scan Meters that show different values over time. It will also return the position (e.g. OBIS code).

Plugin configuration and result

Plugin configuration

  • Find the PluginConfig parameters here.

Plugin result

  • Find the PluginResult parameters here.