Release Notes

This page documents notable changes for each release.

The API documentation for the current version (51.6.0) is available here.

[51.6.0] - 2024-05-24

This release improves the accuracy of the Tire Identification Number (DOT) scanner.


  • [Tire] This release improves the overall accuracy of the Tire Identification Number (DOT) Scanner. This is especially targeting tire numbers with wider spaces (e.g. some Yokohama tires) between individual parts.

[51.5.0] - 2024-04-23

This minor release fixes a problem with continuously high CPU usage (under certain circumstances) and adds customizable attributes for the UI Feedback preset for TIN scanning, as well as security enhancements to file integrity.


  • [Breaking] The UI Feedback preset tin_custom_v1 has been replaced by tin_with_instruction_overlay_image_text_sound_feedback, which includes additional attributes. If you are currently using the tin_custom_v1 preset, please make sure you follow its correct usage.


  • When stopping the scan plugin without stopping the scan view camera as well, some users continuously experienced 100% CPU usage on their devices. This release fixes this issue.


  • To improve the integrity of checksums implemented internally within the SDK, usage of MD5 hash algorithms has been replaced with SHA-512. This change does not have any visible impact to customers or integrators, however represents an increase in security of the SDK overall.

[51.4.1] - 2024-04-22


  • [Breaking] The UI Feedback preset tin_custom_v1 has been replaced by tin_with_instruction_overlay_image_text_sound_feedback, which includes additional attributes. If you are currently using the tin_custom_v1 preset, please make sure you follow its correct usage.


  • Fixed an issue that results persistently high CPU utilization when scan plugin is stopped without also stopping the scan view camera.

[51.4.0] - 2024-03-20

This minor release adds functionality for our cross-platform solutions.


  • Functionality has been added that allows Anyline’s cross-platform solutions to attach plugin-related information to the data reported. This functionality has no impact on the usage of the Mobile SDKs on native platforms.

  • New default images are available to be used with the "tin_custom_v1" UI Feedback functionality.

[51.3.2] - 2024-03-12

This minor release fixes a bug related to scanning with the upside-down portrait orientation and enables the UIFeedback Config feature to be used with presets.


  • Added a new UI Feedback Config feature with the TIN preset to be used together with the TIN/DOT scan plugin. For more information, please see UI Feedback config.


  • We addressed issues with scanning for some uncommon cases. "Upside-down portrait" orientation support was fixed, as well as scanning with the device’s "front" camera.


  • Prior to this release, the Tire Identification Number (TIN) scanner couldn’t scan TINs without a valid production date by default due to an internal validation check. We have changed the default behavior, allowing users to scan TINs without a valid production date. If you want to verify the production date during scanning, activate this feature via pluginConfig → tinConfig → validateProductionDate.

[51.3.1] - 2024-02-19

This minor release allows users to scan a wider range of commercial tire IDs and improves accuracy on commercial tire ID scans.


  • Prior to this release, the Commercial Tire ID scanner couldn’t scan some tire IDs because our default validation regex was too strict. We made the regex less strict, so now users can scan a wider range of commercial tire IDs. Users will also notice an improved accuracy on all commercial tire IDs.

[51.2.1] - 2024-02-02

  • Starting with this release, the binary files for the SDK are now hosted on Google Cloud. Older versions of the SDK (prior to 51.2.1) hosted on Azure will be unavailable after the cut off date of 2024-08-31.


  • This version and future releases going forward are now hosted on Google Cloud instead of Azure. In order to retain access to Mobile SDK for iOS after the Azure cut off date of 2024-08-31, simply make sure to use a version newer than 51.2.1, as older versions will be unable to be downloaded after Azure storage has been phased out. There is no action point beyond updating the version and continuing to use CocoaPods or Swift Package Manager.

[51.2.0] - 2023-11-24

This minor release allows you to scan UK driver’s licenses that have been issued post-Brexit.


  • Added new United Kingdom driver’s license (layout 11002) to the Universal ID scanner. This allows you to scan UK driver’s licenses that have been issued post-Brexit.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented auto flash (Flash.MODE: AUTO) from working with the Advanced Barcode scanner.

  • An issue where visual scan feedback for the VINs are being shown outside the cutout area has been addressed and resolved.

[51.1.1] - 2023-11-02


  • Previously, errors in PluginConfig were silently overlooked, causing unintended behavior without alerting the integrator. For example, incorrect use of uppercase/lowercase letters in the configuration could lead to the selection of an unintended scan mode. In this release, any errors in PluginConfig will raise exceptions, providing integrators with clear error notifications for prompt correction.

  • Under certain circumstances a change to the device orientation might have led to a crash. This is now fixed.

[51.1.0] - 2023-10-09


  • [Tire] Improved support for wide space TINs

  • [Commercial Tire ID] Improved accuracy

[51.0.1] - 2023-09-20


  • [Tire] tireAgeInYearsRoundedDown` type from string to int

  • improved network connection handling in low bandwidth environments

  • remap "DCT" (customerGivenNames) keyword to firstName and middleName fields in AAMVA PDF417 result

  • improved support for damaged CODE-128 barcodes


  • [Meter] bug that resulted in MULTI_FIELD_DIGITAL_METER` scan mode returning empty positions and values

[50.0.4] - 2023-08-31


  • Issues with OCR and license plate scanning

[50.0.3] - 2023-08-30


  • Bug preventing validationRegex to work for European License Plate Scanner

[50.0.1] - 2023-08-09


  • [OCR] potential crashes with Universal Serial Number, Container, and other scanners

[50.0.0] - 2023-07-28

Please take note of the breaking changes listed below.


  • ALScanPluginConfig is removed: instead directly access pluginConfig from within ALScanViewPluginConfig rather than through its scanPluginConfig

  • The plugin config properties named scanOption, found in ALUniversalIDField, ALVehicleRegistrationCertificateField, and ALJapaneseLandingPermissionConfigFieldOption are now initialized based on more-intuitive string values (i.e. "mandatory", "optional", "disabled", "default" rather than 0, 1, 2, and 3)


  • Issues on certain devices with scanning in general

  • Odometer monitoring issue

[49.0.0] - 2023-07-06


  • [ID] plugin config parameter to enable face detection

  • [MRZ] plugin config parameter to enable face detection

[48.0.1] - 2023-06-22


  • [Odometer] Functionality being unavailable on some cases

[48.0.0] - 2023-06-22


  • [Odometer] New Odometer scanner

  • [Meter] Validation regex interface

[47.0.1] - 2023-06-14


  • [Tire] Default upsideDown value set to AUTO (for Tire Identification Number, Tire Size, Tire Make, and Commercial Tire ID)

  • [Universal ID] Default minimum confidence for fields set to 60


  • [License Plate] Bug that prevented Ireland license plates from scanning

  • [License Plate] Bug where an exception would be thrown when a country was scanned which was not part of the country list of result schema

  • [License Plate] Issue with brightness based auto-flash mode

  • [Barcode] Bug where barcode was not able to handle some unicode symbols

  • [Barcode] Fix crash on empty barcode results

  • [Tire] Improved scanning experience of the Tire Make scanner

  • [Universal ID] Improved lower-case field recognition

  • [Universal ID] Improved scan robustness for AT and DE DVL layouts

  • Scan feedback config problems when using animated_rect style, and other visual issues when on landscape

  • Issue with custom scripts for OCR not working when copied as a directory reference


  • [License Plate] List of European countries from result schema


  • Enumeration constants ALScanFeedbackStyleContourUnderline and ALScanFeedbackStyleContourPoint (they will be removed in a future release)

[46.1.0] - 2023-04-25


  • [Universal ID] New template for Latin script: MZ_DVL_O_R500_F

  • [Meter] Functionality to define a maximum number of decimal digits for the AUTO_ANALOG_DIGITAL_METER scan mode


  • [OCR] ALOcrConfig property model (an NSString), to models (an array of NSString)

[45.0.0] - 2023-04-21


  • [Tire] New Tire Make scanner supporting 49 manufacturers

  • [Universal ID] Added new templates for Latin script: BE_IDC_O_10002_F, PL_IDC_O_05001_F, BW_DVL_O_01001_F_v2


  • Config issue in feedback view (non-animated_rect) where scanFeedbackConfig.strokeWidth is being ignored when set to 0

  • [Tire] Improved accuracy and smaller SDK size for Universal TIN


  • [Universal ID] Templates for Latin script: DE_IDC_O_02004_F, BW_DVL_O_01001_F, DE_DVL_O_02006-02003-02002-02001_F (errors reading names in German driving licenses)


  • [Tire] DOT_STRICT scan mode from Tire Identification Number (DOT) technical capability

[44.1.0] - 2023-03-27


  • [Tire] Validation regex is now configurable from pluginConfig

[44.0.0] - 2023-03-23


  • parallelFirstScan processing mode in ALViewPluginComposite

  • [Barcode] base64value to barcode object in the barcode result

  • [ID] Added the following layouts for American ID cards: US-CO_DVL_0_R421_F, US-NV_DVL_O_R421_F, US-NV_IDC_O_R421_F, US-OK_DVL_O_R421_F

  • [Tire] productionDate, tireAgeInYearsRoundedDown, resultPrettified to TIN result

  • [Tire] Option to disable production date validation for TIN


  • [ID] Improved performance for ID scanning

  • [ID] Improved accuracy scanning Turkish IDs

  • [ID] Bug where MRZ scanner would not recognize 'H' on mexican IDs

  • [Tire] Improved accuracy for TIN/DOT recognition & detection

  • Crashes while initializing ALViewPluginComposite from ALNFCDetector

  • Empty date result on ID / MRZ scans when device settings is using 12 hour clock

  • Random crash related to AVCaptureSession when initializing ALScanView

  • Issue using custom flash button images

  • Bug where startScanDelay would not be applied correctly


  • [Barcode] The coordinates in the barcode result are now relative to the full image instead of the scanned region

  • [Barcode] Results no longer only shown as base-64-encoded

  • cancelOnResult values in child plugins in composites are now ignored


  • [Barcode] isBase64 property from barcode object in the barcode result

  • [ID] layoutDefinition, drivingLicenseString & idFrontString in ID result

  • "reportingValues: (null)" console log

  • Redundant class members from public API: (showPopup from ALLicenseUtil, -[initWithDelegate:licenseUtil:error:])

[43.0.0] - 2023-02-06

Breaking Changes

Release 43 introduces fundamental changes & improvements to how the Anyline SDK works. To upgrade from an old SDK version, check out the migration guide. For an up-to-date list of known issues and limitations, please check here.

Document Scanner Support Dropped

As of Anyline v43, the Document Scanner plugin has been removed and the feature will no longer be supported.


  • [Barcode] AAMVA parsing for PDF417 codes on driving licenses

  • [Tire] Tire size specification fields to scan results

  • ALPluginConfig for describing configuration data, including a type of configuration for each scanning capability

  • ALPluginResult for describing result data, including a type of plugin result for each scanning capability

  • Configuration types for every scanning use-case with a corresponding result type


  • [ID] Restructured scan results in a way that every field can contain date- & multi-language information

  • The SDK architecture is changed from one using inheritance & generics to a composition-based approach: instead of distinctive subclasses such as ALMeterScanViewPlugin, ALIDScanViewPlugin, etc. the SDK offers an ALScanViewPlugin class regardless of the scanning use case

  • Structure of how scanning use-cases are constructed through JSON