Tire Size

Scan capability overview

Example Tire Size

The Anyline scanner for Tire Size saves a lot of time and effort by reading and digitizing tire sidewall information in a fraction of a second.

The Tire Size provide information about certain properties of the tire, including vehicle type, width, aspect ratio, construction, RIM diameter, load index and speed rating.

Supported Formats

Allowed characters: [A-HJ-NP-Z0-9/+-&().]

  • Optimized to scan single-line Tire Size with 10 to 20 characters

  • Usually the Tire Size are placed twice on one tire, once larger and once smaller, reading of both variants is supported, whereas the smaller variant often contains more information, therefore the scanner is optimized for the smaller and longer variant

  • The scanner provides automatic upside down detection

  • The string needs to follow this format (characters in brackets are optionally), which is the typical format for tires on passenger cars:

    • (X)000/00(X)X0000(0)X

    • (X)000/00(X)X00(X)

    • (X)000/00X00X(0)00/(0)00X

  • Examples:

    • 225/40R18 92V

    • 125/80 R 13 65 Q

    • 225/45R17 91W

    • 185/65R15 92V

    • 225/55 R17 101W M+S

    • M+S 185/65 R15 101W

    • P205/55R16 98V

    • LT195/75R16 C 107/105R

If you want to also support other formats than typical tire sizes of passenger cars, use the validationRegex configuration parameter to pass your desired format as a regular expression. Please be aware that changing the validationRegex might has influence on the parameter extraction.

Plugin configuration and result

Plugin configuration

  • Find the PluginConfig parameters here.

Plugin result

  • Find the PluginResult parameters here.